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February 2017 HNI PTO Meeting Agenda


1. Call to order/Welcome/Introductions

2. Approval of November minutes (no meeting for Dec/Jan)

3. Treasurer Report: (Jeanette)

4. Santa Shop recap: (Charity) Is this something PTO would like to do for next year? Same company? New ideas?

5. Honor Roll recap: (Stacey) Ideas for next 9wks? Are we doing something for 4th 9wks and students that maintained “A” for all three honor rolls?

6. Coupon Book and T­Shirts: (Jessica) Keri is working on a combo flyer for take home. These sales will be be available online, through the office and during PTO events only. No contest or prizes for students.

7. Boosterthon: (Lorna and Jessica) Big World Recess is the theme. Pep rally Tuesday March 8th, Fun Run Thursday March 17th. More details to follow.

8. Spirit Nights: (Jessica) Culver’s: Tues Feb 16 and Tues Feb 15th. Jersey Mikes________.

9. Staff Desert Day: (Leanne) Feb 12th

10. Spring Hawk Swap Update: (Leanne) April 2nd?

11. School Toolbox Kit: Who will be POC?

12. FSA Snacks: Who will be POC? We have the updated student #’s and are currently reviewing type and cost of snacks.

13. Bylaws: We need updated bylaws. This will be a group effort to get these done. Is there one member willing to revise an ongoing copy as we make changes? We will set dates today to work on these.

14. Budget review: (Keri)

15. Funding requests: *Google Drive: Approx $70 per month *Document Scanner: Approx $90­$170 *Construction paper for Turkey Trot Feathers: *Colored Rolled Paper: Approx $1200.00 *School Marquee: Approx $4100.00

16. Questions, concerns, comments…

17. Meeting adjournment. Next meeting Tuesday March 2nd.