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1936 Navarre School Road
Navarre, FL, 32566
United States

(850) 936-6020

Membership Job Description

Holley Navarre Intermediate PTO

Membership Chair: Job Description

  • Reports to President or Vice President for all matters.

  • Responsible for keeping up to date event reports to be given to the Secretary within two weeks.

  • Keeps attendance of all board members at PTO events.

  • Responsible for printing and delivering SOAR membership Cards.

  • Responsible for reporting all SOAR members to the Yearbook committee. 

  • Host annual membership Drive.

  • Responsible for reviewing, updating, delivering, scanning and stocking membership forms.

  • Responsible for updating Mail Chimp with all members information.

  • Keeps a running membership roster on google business for all to view. 

  • Responsible for keeping up to date records on google business.

  • Can appoint a committee as needed. Approved by the president.

  • Works with Public Relation Chair to reach out to new families.

  • If the chair is deemed to have a budget line item then the responsibility falls on the chair to have communication and transparency with the President and Vice President in spending said budget.

  • Expected to be at the majority of the events and help in any other means necessary.

  • Meet with President and or Vice President prior to the start of the new school year.  

  • Attends the New Board Summer Meeting held in July.

* Busy at the beginning of the year. Must be maintained through the year.