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September 2015 HNI PTO Meeting Minutes

September 2015 Meeting Minutes

HNIS PTO Meeting Minutes

November 3, 2015


In Attendance:  Lorna Hawley, Keri Pitzer, Jeanette Clark, Mari Palmatier, Jessica Unsicker, Stacey Rainwater, Charity Mayer, Leanne Ward, Laurie Catman, Beth Mosley, Sarah Cardoza, Allison Buffington, Sarah Rapp, Renee Sebastian, Linda Matthews, and Dee May


I.          Call to Order: 1:59 p.m.

II.        Roll Call/Introductions

III.       Approval of Minutes:  Minutes approved. Renee Sebastian motions to approve. Jeanette Clark seconded the motion and the PTO unanimously approved.

IV.       Treasury Report:  Balance as of 11/3/15 is $10,666.88.  Beach Community Bank balance is still approximately $4000. Jeanette hopes to close it out tomorrow and have summary of account. Jeanette has made a reimbursement form.  Once a month and once approved, she can cut a check to reimburse.  She will also look into taxes being reimbursed.  

V.        Open Business: 

A.  Membership: Another letter went home to boost membership goal.  Remaining window clings

      were sent home to families.  No class has 100% enrollment.  Class that has most participation

get certificate and some other reward to be determined.  Keri stated that we would do another membership drive after Christmas.

B.  Fundraiser:  Coupon book total sales were $19,775.00, giving us a profit of $10,000.00.  Belinda still has 5 copies of each coupon book in the front office.  11 teachers had sales over $200, earning them a free Santa Rosa coupon book; 28 teachers had sales over $350, earning them a Santa Rosa and a Taste book.  There are 39 students who will attend the pizza/ice cream party: 24 from 3rd grade, 5 from 4th, and 10 from 5th.  Five students earned lunch at Culver’s with Mrs. Moseley and Mrs. Howard.  We met our school goal of $18,000.00, which means Mrs. Moseley and Mrs. Howard will dress at superheroes for a day. We will plan for lunch and pizza party before Christmas. Dates to be determined.

C. Spirit Night:  Jessica stated the totals for Firehouse was $166.00, Jersey Mike’s was $268, and Chick-Fil-A was $68. 

D.  Spelling Bee Recap:  Stacey stated that everything went well.  We will order new bee decorations for next year because the old ones were falling apart.  The kids loved the gift cards and medals for awards.    

E.   Honor Roll:  Certificates and bracelets were done for this 9 weeks.  Stacey said they should be in tomorrow.  We will attach little notes of congratulations.  Stacey sent email about extra recess to grade level chairs.  As of now, 4th grade is doing 11/9 at 12:15 and Mrs. Cardoza stated that 5th grade could do 11/9 from 10:40-11.  Stacey will email coaches about times.  Sarah from the cafeteria has ordered ice cream sandwiches and will put receipt in box.  Stacey will get cost to add to budget.  Mrs. Rowan will let A and B students get an extra book and keep track by putting stickers on card or hole punch.

F.   Reading Isn’t Scary Night Recap:  This was a huge success with over 700 people in attendance.  Mrs. Rose and Mrs. Rowan did a terrific job planning and executing the event.  $285.00 was brought in from the silent artist auction.  PTO will lend a hand and will have the remaining prints displayed during craft night in December.

G.  Donuts for Dads:  There were 58 dozen doughnuts left over last week that were donated to various businesses (Navarre Lumbar, Samurai, UPS guy) as thank yous.  RX Express was so appreciative they offered to donate baskets with over $450 worth of stuff for our school nurses with blood pressure cuffs, Motrin, BandAids, etc.  Culver’s also donated $100 to Space Camp.





VI.       New Business:

A.  Upcoming Spirit Nights:  Mrs. Matthews suggested for the next Chick-Fil-A night that the most kids per class that attend, the cow can eat lunch with that class. Next Jersey Mike’s spirit night is 11/10/15 from 4-9 pm.  Jessica stated that probably 2-3 people are all that are needed at a time because of the space constraints.  Mrs. Cardoza will make sign-up sheets to put in mailboxes. Papa John’s spirit nights are 11/17-11/19.  No code yet.  Flyer will be made for ITV.  Next spirit night for Culver’s is 11/30.  Jessica has meeting later this week with them.  Next December spirit night is Jersey Mike’s on 12/8.

B.   Veteran’s Day Assembly:  Scheduled for Tuesday, 11/10.  NHS ROTC and SGA will help escort veterans and maybe help serve cake and punch.  The students are decorating rocks that the veterans can take home with them.  Assistance is needed to set up tables, decorate, serve cake   and punch under the P.E. pavilion.  First group is at 8:45 a.m., second group will be at 10 a.m.

                 C.   Staff Luncheon:  Leanne and Alicia are in charge of the staff luncheon, which will be Friday,         

                        11/13/15.  Soup, salad, and baked potato bar will be the theme.  Location will be Room 003.

 D.   Thanksgiving Lunch:  Lunch will be served on Wed, 11/18, from 10:30-12:30.  PTO will be helping serve to guests alongside the students. 

 E.    Santa Shop:  Charity is in charge of Santa Shop.  It will be Mon 11/30-Fri 12/4.  It will also be open an hour before (4:30 p.m.) and during Arts and Crafts Night on 11/3 (5:30-7).  It will be located in room 003.  It will start at 7:45 a.m.  Laurie will send out emails to obtain volunteers for the week.  Santa Bucks will be distributed by Mrs. White as she determines.  Flyers are made and ready to go.

 F.    Holiday-grams:  Candy cane reindeer or some kind of shout-out for the students will be sold for the holidays.  Keri suggested possibly a letter from Santa or candy cane from student to student and also send strips home for kids or parents to send out.  Majority voted for sending home order form strips with mini candy canes.



Next Meeting:  No meeting scheduled for December.  Next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, January 5, 2015at 2 p.m. in the library.


Adjournment:  3:09 p.m.